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3 Day Urban Survival Training

This training is designed as a crash course on street survival and self defense. Its meant for those who cannot get leave from work.

Students are given a basic understanding of fighting against an edged weapon like a knife, fighting empty hands while standing and fighting on the ground. 

Training Structure :
Thursday evening/night arrival in Goa

Friday morning training begins. Friday training covers dealing with edged weapons and how to use improvised weapons. 
7 - 10am Morning session
4 - 6pm Evening session

Saturday morning training covers stand up empty hand fighting. We will deal with long, medium and close range fighting. Hitting soft targets while using simple, easy to repeat and effective strikes. 
Evening training covers ground fighting and grappling. What to do when the fight goes to the ground.
7 - 10am Morning Session
4 - 6pm Evening Session

Sunday training is when we put all these 3 skills together and work on specific scenarios. Any questions or doubts will also be addressed on Sunday.
7 - 10am Morning Session

Students can leave anytime post the morning Sunday session.

Fees for the entire training plus food and accommodation is Rs9000 only.
(Food will be simple dal, chawal/roti and one vegetable dish)

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