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n the November of 2017, I participated in my first ever martial arts camp. Thanks to Aditya and LightHaven, it will remain one of the most cherished experiences of my life.
LightHaven is a cosy little place tucked away in Nachinola and it was an absolute joy to train here. 
Aditya is a fabulous person and an extremely patient instructor! (For slow learners such as myself - that is very crucial). It is due to his efforts that I am grateful to have met and learnt from experts like GT and Shifu Kanishka in PTK.
LightHaven is the place to be and learn. The training is designed for real life application and I wish Aditya and LightHaven the very best.

Training with agalon aditya roy sir was so great,i feel so privileged to get trained by him
He is so patient and competent
Looking forward to visit adi sir soon

Located in a quiet corner of Moira,Goa this beautiful martial arts school is run by a good friend. I was here for a week to attend the Muay Chaiya seminar and It was a great experience. 
Agalon Aditya Roy is indeed a good teacher with lot of patience. He would explain you things from the scratch to have a better understanding of what you are learning. Whether you are a trained martial artist or an enthusiast, training at lighthaven with Agalon Aditya Roy will definitely give your practise some edge. 
Lastly Thank you for those extra lessons on self training and importance of basics. I will Surely come again and train.

The camp here for Kali was amazing plus had the opportunity to meet GT and learn from him. If possible will surely return to one of the camp's and this was all aditya's hardwork he's a wonderful person and a martial artist.

A mind blowing Martial Art taught in a superb way by superb people. Loved every minute there. Great place to learn & change our thinking about combat altogether!!!

I have been training with Aditya Roy sir, the founder and Head instructor of lighthaven for quite some time . I have the privilege of being one of the first few residential students in lighthaven. He is one of the most welcoming, professional, patient and hard working martial artist I have ever come across. His lineage speaks volumes about his credentials and skill set.
He is a direct student of the legendary blade master and present day keeper of Pekiti Tirsia kali Grand Tuhon Leo T Gaje.
The atmosphere here in lighthaven is very loving and friendly for men, women and kids alike.It's undoubtedly the top notch place to learn Pekiti Tirsia kali, Muay Thai and BJJ in Goa .I am proud to be associated with lighthaven
Do give it a try.

I have been a residential student of Light haven three times and was amongst the first residential students. The schools is located in a peaceful clean , green and friendly surroundings of post independence era"s Portuguese established village "Moira". The schools has wide open and spacious indoor and outdoor dojo which is well equipped with training facilities for various martial art forms taught here such as PTK,BJJ, Muay Thai and also for a few other martial art forms taught occasionally by guest teachers such as Kalaripayattu , Gatkha etc.This is the only known school in India "in my knowledge" to train its students in water at swimming pools and beaches. The accommodation provides for all the basic amenities required for a comfortable stay. Personal one to one /group interactive sessions with the teachers over a meal or in free time add to essence of school.

Attended a Wing Chun and Pekiti Tirsia Kali (PTK) camp here with Shifu Kanishka Sharma and Adi Sir. This was undoubtedly one of my most memorable experiences w.r.t both Goa and Martial Arts.
Adi Sir is a kind-hearted soul, who patiently answers all questions and made sure we have fun while training. He made sure we were doing things right and not necessarily fast, which is so crucial for getting the basics right. Shifu Kanishka is absolutely incredible. His knowledge is infinite and yet he is very humble and down to earth. It has been an honour to learn from him. Megha Singh was also a great instructor, who supported our Wing Chun sessions.
Lighthaven is a lovely house with an alluring character.The training area is surrounded by plenty of trees, which made it very refreshing. The participants were from diverse backgrounds and it was super fun living with them and learning from each one of them. Lovely memories!
Will definitely come back for more training at Lighthaven with Adi Sir. My bestesttt wishes to Lighthaven always!

I stayed with Aditya and other residential students at Lighthaven. We quickly became a family. I was a total beginner, no experience in martial arts at all. After three months under Adityas training program, I am a changed man. At the peak of my physical health. Motivated, confident, focused, driven. I've got more self belief than I had before. And in three months I learnt a lot. Aditya is a very talented martial artist in multiple disiplines, but much more important than that, he is an amazing teacher, he's patient with beginners like myself, and my time at Lighthaven in Goa was a gamechanger for me and an education. It was fantastic to train with other regular students, and I made many friends. I hope to return one day. Keep it up Ady. Patience brings roses. Namaste 🙏

A centre for a rounded approach towards Martial Arts, Yoga and injury rehabilitation for martial artists. One of the few centres in India authorised to teach Pekiti Tirsa Kali, a fledgling Brazilian jiu-jitsu centre and Muay Thai training also. It also offers the Monani method which is a hybrid of Kalari Yoga and Pilates. The centre also provides Kalari treatments specific for alignment of the muscles bones and nerves.

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