Kendo Battle


3 Month Martial Arts Residential Training at LightHaven, Goa, India

Our 3 month residential programme is geared towards those who want a more immersive martial arts training experience. 
Train 6 hours a day, 6 days a week for 3 months for an affordable price. Students will train in the 3 major styles of martial arts - weapons, empty hand fighting as well as grappling.

7 Day Intensive Martial Arts Training

Come stay at our school in Goa for 7 days of intensive training.
This course are designed for people who do not have the luxury of living in Goa but who want to dive into the martial arts. 
We invite such seekers to come stay with us for a week and immerse themselves completely into the training. 

3 Day Urban Survival Training

Come stay at our school in Goa for 3 days of intensive training designed to introduce you principles of combat specifically for the urban/street environment.