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The Monani Method

Sherry Monani started training with ballet at the age of 4, and continued till twelve. This early training brought about an awareness of the body and its alignments, the importance of breathing correctly and the necessity of good posture. When she was 16 she began instructor training in aerobics, gym workouts and Pilates mat work. At 19 she began learning Hatha Yoga and soon saw the benefit of combining these diverse exercise forms; for each form produces specific yet varied effects.
By age 22 Sherry had developed her method of exercise combination and began to train people of various age groups and levels of fitness. In 2007, Sherry went to Kerala and studied Kalari Payattu, and the yoga practiced by practitioners of this ancient martial art. The addition of several asanas and exercises from this system added a new dimension to the still evolving exercise combination that would become the Monani Method.
For the last 12 years, Sherry has lived and taught in Goa, and all of her clients have had body changing experiences, not only the weight/inch loss but also better alignment and posture, more efficient metabolism and increased strength, stamina and flexibility.
The Monani Method is constantly evolving and will continue to evolve....

Sherry Monani: Team
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