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Come and join us this December for five days intensive workshop on Kali-WingChun combat, taking place for the first time in Goa. 
Both Wing Chun and Kali work great in close combat. While Pekiti Tirsia Kali is a weapon based system, using WingChun empty hands can be very direct and simple to apply. The unique combination of these two can be extremely dangerous and helps in developing immediate functional self protection skills.

Tuhon Shifu Kanishka 
Tuhon Shifu Kanishka has spent most of his life studying different martial arts from world renowned masters across the world. He has extensively studied both Pekiti Tirsia Kali and Wing Chun. His knowledge, experience and expertise make him an ideal person to combine the weapon of Kali and the close quarter empty hands of Wing Chun. 
Tuhon Shifu Kanishka is the head of Pekiti Tirsia Kali India. 

Tuhon Shifu Kanishka will be assisted by 
Agalon Aditya Roy 
Agalon Aditya has had the priviledge and honor of studying under various Masters and Grandmasters in India, and around the world. He is a student and Agalon (Senior Instructor) under the Grandmaster and head of the Pekiti Tirsia Kali system, GrandTuhon Leo T. Gaje, with whom he spends a few months every year at his home in the Philippines.

Seminar will cover 
Kali footwork
Single Knife & double knife 
Single stick 
Spada y Daga 
Functional Traps from WC to Kali
Close hand drills (wingchun n kali)
Wingchun Straight blast 
Wingchun kicks

Fees for the camp is Rs 13000. 
Total no of hours in a seminar will be 23 hours.
Please make a note we are just taking the training fees, food and accommodation is on you. Incase you cant find any accommodation we can help you to find one. 

Only accepting 20-23 registrations. To reserve, please send your confirmation to, Miss Megha Singh on +919680149933 (whats app message Or text message only).
You can also email on and pay the fees. Right of admission reserved with management.

Refund policy
Any last moment cancellations will be charged 30% of the total fees. kindly let us know atleast one week before the camp starts for the same.

Kali & Wing Chun Combat Workshop: About
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