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Axé started learning capoeira with Professora Nina ‘Espuleta’ in 2004, thereafter lived in Salvador da Bahia Brasil and trained under Mestre Alabama (Naçao Capoeira / Academia Alabama) circa 2006-07. after returning to Mumbai India, trained and taught with Monitor Sucuri (Capoeira Mumbai) and an angola group as well. In 2013 along with his partner Dendé , moved to the coastal state of Goa, India to have their daughter Açai. in 2014, recommenced teaching in Goa with the awesome support of Mestre Chicote (CDO Paris) and Capoeira Mumbai. “Teaching Capoeira to children has been the greatest and most in-depth learning experience for me, and has kept my passion for capoeira alive.”

See you in Goa!


Dinesh Capoeira Goa
Axé Dinesh Garg: Team
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