"Dont hold your breath!"

Sherry Monani is a fitness instructor who has combined various exercise forms resulting in a comprehensive workout that builds muscle strength, increases muscle stamina and improves flexibility. Forms as diverse as Kalari Yoga, Pilates, weight training, core training, isometrics and balletcise are brought together as the sum of their best and most effective parts.
The Monani Method is simple to do, and easy to follow. It doesn't require that you have any fitness background, or that you must be of a certain age. Effects are seen within a month; better posture, increased energy, more efficient digestion... all of which contribute to a faster metabolism and subsequent effects thereof: controlled blood pressure and blood sugar, more efficient brain function, weight/inch loss etc.

The Monani Method is the product of 20 years of training and research and teaching; more, if you count the years of ballet and contemporary dance. And of course all the injuries that go along with it. I may bore you with repeated safety guidelines but only because I know how it can hurt.

The Method recognises the importance of correct and controlled breathing through all the various forms of exercise, which raises the efficiency of the muscles/ muscle groups and is a huge reason for my chosen quote: Don't Hold Your Breath. (Terry Pratchett fans will understand the Use Of The Capital Letter). 

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